Cross-cut Heat Sink

We produced cross-cut heat sink from extruded heat sink, cross-cut heat sink allowed omni-directional air flow across the heat sink. We proposed cross-cut heat sink for force convection with system fan to circular air flow internally for rapid heat transfer to the ambient.
In general, we will remove half of the fins with symmetrical spacing between space and fins to ensure constant air flow thru’ heat sink.
Please contact us for more info on how can this solution help with your thermal issue.. Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to with drawings and we will counter proposed what we have based on the shape, size and attachment methods.
=> Common material used for stamped heat sink: AL6063, AL6061
=> Minimum extrusion size (Width x Height): 6 x 6 mm (based on normal flat bottom heat sink with fins)
=> Maximum extrusion size (Width x Height): 450 x 60 mm (based on normal flat bottom heat sink with fins)