Heat Sink Assembly

Focus is able to provide complete heat sink assembly for heat sink with various manufacturing processes for our customer to include various attachment methods based on customer requirement as below:
=> thermal interface material – thermal tape (Bergquist, Chomerics, Laird, 3M, Honeywell etc) and thermal grease
=> push pin with spring (plastic or copper pin)
=> spring clip
Thermal interface material is essential to enhance heat transfer between heat sink and heat source by eliminating air gap between contact area of sink and source.
We have one sided adhesive and double sided adhesive version. Double sided adhesive is recommended for smaller heat sink (W40 x L40 x H25 mm) to simplify assembly process for mass production. For bigger heat sink, we suggest using one sided adhesive with additional mechanical mounting (push pin, spring clip, etc) to ensure the heat sink will be in place after subjecting to vibration due to movement of the system.