Extruded Heat Sink

Extruded heat sink is cost effective and most common used products with moderate and high power applications, we will proposed extruded heat sink when stamped heat sink is unable to dissipate heats effectively for your applications. It can be used for passive or active cooling for most product’s applications in the market. In addition, extruded heat sink can be coupled with a very wide variety of attachment methods for your application.
We have a very wide range of standard extruded heat sink and please contact us for more info. Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to sales@focuste.com with drawings and we will counter proposed what we have based on the shape, size and attachment methods.
=> Common material used for extruded heat sink: AL6063, AL6061
=> Minimum extrusion size (Width x Height): 6 x 6 mm (based on normal flat bottom heat sink with fins)
=> Maximum extrusion size (Width x Height): 450 x 60 mm (based on normal flat bottom heat sink with fins)