Thermal Simulation
System level optimisation, Complete system simulation with force convection heat transfer analysis
Extruded Heat Sink
With our factory strategically located in China and Taiwan, we are working hard to ensure our competitiveness and at the same time to support our clients' need for high mix low volume production pattern.
Sheet Metal
Metal Stamping, Control box
Thermal Simulation
Component level quick simulation to help clients reduce time to market their product, proper sizing of thermal solutions.
Founded in 2007 as a Sales and Design Center in Singapore, with uncompromising dedication in developing innovative and reliable thermal solutions and products to meet customer requirement.
We specialise in providing thermal solutions and manufacturing services for commercial, industrial, military, medical and consumer products.
Provide clients with optimised and reliable thermal solution from initial conceptual design to completion meeting clients’ specific thermal requirements aimed to shorten your time to market.
Our factory in Taiwan was founded in 1989. To further enhance our competitiveness, we set up 2 factories in China (Shanghai and Dongguan) strategically to support our local and export markets. We are sharing the benefits of cost saving with our clients and at the same time increase their competitiveness in market place.
We are ISO9000 certified with a systematic and standardise production procedure to ensure our products exceed clients’ expectations in terms of quality and consistency.