Heat-Pipe Heat Exchanger

Heat-Pipe Heat Exchanger

i) Rapid Heat Conduction: The conduction rely on phase transition of medium and its conduction ability is much higher than other conduct material.

ii) Even Temperature: On working, the steam is saturated and the temperature difference between steam flow and phase transition and thus temperature grads is very small which leads to even temperature automatically.

iii) Changeable Heat Flow Density: Since the vaporize and condensation are separated, inputting high heat flow density on the side of vaporize and thus low heat flow density is outputted in the side of condensation, and thus achieving heat transformer.

iv) Constant Temperature: Taking inert gases in the controllable heat pipe, when input heat is changing, the condensation area is changing following the changing of vaporize pressure. These keep constant temperature in the heat source.


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Technical Index Sizes
Cooling Capacity ≥30W/K  A mm: 740
Dimensions 740 x 245 x 125  B mm: 245
Mounting Side or Roof  C mm: 125
Input Voltage -40~-57VDC  D mm: 213
Rate Voltage -48VDC  E mm: 223
Max Current <1.5A  F mm: 138
Operating Current <0.6A  G mm: 200
Rate Power <30W  H mm: 105.5
Inner Air Flow >380M³/H  I mm: Ø152
Outer Air Flow >380M³/H  J mm: 265.5
Weight ≤8 KG  K mm: 134
Noise ≤60dB(A)  L mm: 200
Environment Temperature -40°C~+70°C  M mm: 109.5
IP IP54  N mm: Ø152
MTBF MTBF>50000Hours