Heat Sink

With our ability to leverage on our vast selection of products. We can fulfill your thermal requirements on component level, board level and system level  providing great value in terms of optimized solutions.

We specialized on stamped heat sink, extrusion heat sink, die-casting heat sink, advanced heat pipe heat sink, vapor chamber heat sink and options to customized solutions for our clients’ specific applications.

Let us help you to shorten your time to market with our design and manufacturing capabilities.


Types of Heat Sink:

  •  Stamped heat sink
  •  Extruded heat sink
  •  CPU heat sink
  •  Die cast heat sink
  •  Heat pipes integrated
  •  Bonded fin
  •  Fan Heat Sink
  •  Stacked Fin Heat Sink
  •  Liquid Cooler
  •  Forging
  •  Folded Fin


 Material Available:

  •  Aluminium
  •  Brass
  •  Copper
  •  Stainless Steel


 Heat Sink Attachment Type: 

  •  Solderable pins
  •  Push pins
  •  Thermal Pads
  •  Tabs
  •  Studs
  •  Clips
  •  Nuts